Monday, November 12, 2012

A new blog I like

So I like blogs.

I came across a new one a few months back.  The dude is an english major from Duke university.  He realized midway through his undergraduate degree that his student loans were out of control, so he decided to live in a van to save cash.  If I remember correctly, he did so for over a year and managed to graduate school with few or no loans.  Here's his article describing it:

He's a really talented writer.  In the past few years he has had some interesting jobs as he has come to discover himself.  He spent some time in Alaska...not sure if he helped out at a fishery or what, but he met some interesting people up there and developed an interest in the outdoors.

His latest venture:  Walking 1700 miles along the keystone pipeline route to document the area before construction.  He's a tree hugger without much of a purpose as he embarks on this walk.  He's 60 days into his walk, and as he admits, was hilariously under prepared for the task.  For example, he started out his journey without a tent; just a tarp.  He didn't plan for snow even though he started so late in the season, etc.  He almost got charged by a moose the other day.  That was fun to read about.

Here's the link to his blog for those who think they might enjoy it.  I get a chuckle when reading updates of ill-fated plights.

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